The Palaszczuk Government pay offer is a sham. While Health Department bureaucrats’ pays are going up, real pays for nurses are falling behind.
A 4% offer with a fake “top up” does not keep up with inflation and will leave nurses up to 20% worse off.
The ALP union and the ALP Government both say that the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) offer does not form a part of your on-going wage, so when it is cut so is your pay.
This offer falls behind even the basics of a litre of milk which has risen by around 18%.
Your pay could be falling behind inflation by around 5 to 10% per year, and at year 3 all hell will break loose when the top up that wasn’t included in your EB11 pay rise ends!
Standard variable home loan rates could be 10% or more soon.

Rents and mortgage repayment are only going one way … UP!

It is not hard to understand that inflation is going up and it is not coming down.
Yet the QNMU, the Minister and Queensland Health bureaucrats want to rush you into a premature decision in a time of financial uncertainty. They win, nurses lose.
The only way to protect your pay is to put an offer on the table with no “if’s”, “buts” or “maybes”.
NPAQ recommends a firm 10% offer be put on the table for each year. Then we can consider a top up above that, provided the top up is reviewed annually and added to your base pay if inflation continues to increase.
Don’t vote for the QNMU's EB11!  It is a nurse rip off!

Make sure you vote, don't abstain, VOTE NO!  Nurses deserve a Fair Go!
Queensland Health management and Minister D'Ath, raise the nurses offer or resign!

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