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QLD Nurses' petition to QLD Premier and Prime Minister - guarantee our personal protective equipment.


Dear Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Prime Minister Scott Morrison,

Nurses in Queensland have received disturbing updates about the need to ration potentially life saving face masks and the need to take an 'innovative approach' to personal protection.

Premier and Prime Minister, this uncertainty regarding our necessary, first and only, line of defence against this virus is causing us great distress.

Without nurses, our hospitals stop. The current chaos will be nothing compared to our health system falling under the weight of our nurses falling ill to the virus.

Many of us continue to work despite being in categories that put us at most at risk to this virus. We do this because it is our duty to help our fellow Australians. 

All we ask is that you recognise the need to keep us safe so that we can keep saving lives. 

Premier, Prime Minister, you must guarantee the supply of personal protective equipment. Please guarantee the supply of personal protective equipment. An "innovative approach" simply isn't enough.


We've been contacted by a potential supplier off the back of this petition.

Our Letter to QLD Health Minister Steven Miles


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On 15 June 2021, the Minister for Health and Ambulance Services finally provided a response to our letter.


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