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NDIS Needs to

Fund Nurses





QLD Nurses' petition to Federal Government Services Minister for greater nursing NDIS funding.


Dear Stuart Robert MP, Minister for Government Services

For too long, nurses in Queensland and across Australia have sat at the fringes of the NDIS system.

We frequently hear stories from carers in the NDIS system having to perform high intensity duties like managing diabetes, ventilators, giving insulin, wound care and other complex tasks, all under the NDIS practice standards. These daily activities are specialised forms of care that many carers are not properly trained in.

NDIS' model results in improper care for disabled patients who also have underlying health issues unrelated to their disability. By forcing NDIS carers to perform these daily high intensity activities, the Australian Government is putting highly vulnerable patients in unnecessary danger.

Stuart Robert MP, Minister for Government Services, we ask that you properly care for vulnerable NDIS patients. Please bring nurses to the forefront of NDIS funding so disabled patients with underlying health conditions can be properly cared for.


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