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Federal Government Boosts Aged Care Workers' Pay by 15%

With the new award rate adjustments, aged care workers can expect a significant boost in their paychecks.  

From the 30th June, the Federal government has confirmed that all Nurses and carers, who currently receive a base wage rate lower than the award rate in aged care, will now have their rates increased to meet this new award rate.

The federal government confirmed that the Award wage will increase by 15% and should see your employer pass this full amount onto their employees.

This 15% pay increase for the Aged Care workers is well deserved and hopes to attract and retain staff within the Aged Care Sector.

The following awards and employees will be impacted by the 15% wage increase:

  1. Aged Care Award 2010: This award is relevant for individuals employed in designated aged care facilities, including recreation/lifestyle activities officers, personal care workers, and the highest-ranking food service staff (classified as levels 4–7).
  2. Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 (SCHADS): This award pertains to home care workers who are employed within the aged care industry.
  3. Nurses Award 2020: This award is applicable to nursing assistants, enrolled/registered nurses, and nurse practitioners who work in the field of aged care 
aged care wage increase example
Staff Classification Current Hourly Rate New Pay Rate from 1st
July 2023

Registered Nurse
(Level 1 Paypoint 8 and thereafter)



Registered Nurse
(Level 2 Paypoint 4 and thereafter) 



Enrolled Nurse
(Paypoint 5)



Nursing Assistant/Personal
Care Worker
(Experienced with Cert III)










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