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Why NPAQ is the Best Union for Nurses and Midwives

What makes NPAQ the best union for nurses and midwives across Queensland?

From comprehensive insurance coverage and expert legal representation to dedicated advocacy for better working conditions, enterprise bargaining, and fostering continuous professional development (CPD), we are committed to providing you with all the necessary tools and resources to support and enhance your career.

How We Support You: 

Red Protect - Professional Indemnity Insurance

When it comes to protecting your professional reputation, NPAQ has you covered. Our comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance policy offers up to $10 million in coverage, ensuring you're safeguarded against unforeseen circumstances. With unlimited retroactive cover and run-off cover for 84 months, you can practise with confidence, knowing your obligations under the National Law are met. Joining NPAQ means peace of mind and compliance with professional standards.

Red Protect - Legal Representation

Navigating the complexities of the healthcare industry can be daunting, but with NPAQ, you're never alone. Our expert industrial advocates and legal support team are considered some of Australia's best. We guarantee expert legal support for a range of workplace issues, including Enterprise Bargaining, pay disputes, internal conflicts, bullying, and more. Most importantly, we guarantee a resolution to your issue. Read about how we helped a casual nurse facing termination or how we successfully dismissed unproven AHPRA allegations.

Red Protect - Enterprise Bargaining & Working Condition Advocacy

At NPAQ, we believe in the power of collective bargaining and advocating for better working conditions. Our skilled negotiators will fight tooth and nail to secure fair Enterprise Agreements that reflect your rights and aspirations. We also advocate for positive change in workplace policies, procedures, and systems. Read about our EB Win for NT Nurses or how we helped a nurse improve their workplace debriefing process for Code Blacks.

RedU CPD (Optional Add-On)

Continuous professional development is the cornerstone of growth and success. That's why NPAQ offers RedU—a vast online learning platform specifically designed to meet your registration requirements. With hundreds of hours of diverse content, you'll have access to nursing-specific, teaching, healthcare worker, and general industry courses.

We also offer free CPD courses, like our popular webinar Dealing with Bullying.

Guarantees That Set Us Apart:

Zero Party Politics

Your membership funds are never used for party political purposes or to support any particular political party. NPAQ is solely focused on asserting the interests of our members.

Australia's Most Contactable Professional Association Guarantee

We pride ourselves on being the most contactable professional association in Australia. A response to all frontline enquiries made by members is guaranteed within 24 business hours. If you don't receive a response, we'll give you $25 off your next member payment.

"We Will Fight" Guarantee:

We back our members, no matter what. We fight for you, regardless of the circumstances, because your rights and interests are our top priority. With NPAQ by your side, you'll never face your battles alone.

We invite you to experience the support, protection, and advocacy of NPAQ yourself.

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Want to find out more or have a question? Get in touch with us:

Email: 1300 263 374
Phone: hotline@npaq.asn.au
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