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NPAQ Case Win #1356 - NPAQ Beats Bullies… again!


From a Parking Fine to the Removal of a Bullying Manager:
How NPAQ Empowered an Entire Team to Speak Up Against Workplace Harassment

We’ve all met bullies. It’s not a fun experience. Especially when you have to work with that bully, or they use their position and authority to carry out the bullying. 

Often a bully will try to gaslight you, or take advantage of your desire to avoid conflict. Bullies make you feel alone. The NPAQ makes you feel like you’re part of a team. 

When it comes to workplace issues, it's important to speak up and take action when necessary. Unfortunately, sometimes even small issues can quickly escalate into much larger problems, as was the case for one of our Queensland members.

Initially, they reached out to us for assistance with a minor parking fine, but the situation soon turned into a much more serious issue involving workplace bullying by their manager. 

Fortunately for them, one of our case managers was there to provide expert support and guidance each step of the way. Working closely with the member to produce a grievance statement, which in turn assisted their colleagues in producing statements supporting the claims. This collaborative effort was critical in building a strong case against the manager's inappropriate behaviour.

Thanks to our case manager and the collective action of the employees, the member's case was successful, and the manager was removed from their position and replaced.

This outcome not only provided justice for the member who had been experiencing bullying, but also helped to ensure a safer and more respectful workplace for all employees.

At NPAQ, we are dedicated to supporting our members through any workplace issues they may face. Whether it's a small parking fine or a larger issue like workplace bullying, we are committed to providing the guidance, resources, and support necessary to help our members overcome any obstacles they may encounter. 

Why is the NPAQ different? We believe that real change in healthcare STARTS with empowering frontline nurses, not bureaucrats. 

If you are a member of NPAQ suffering from bullying please submit a member support ticket on your dashboard, or contact us on on 1300 263 374 - hotline@npaq.asn.au.

To find out more about NPAQ and become protected today visit: https://npaq.redunion.com.au/join

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