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NPAQ Case Win #1368 - Empowering Frontline Nurses: How NPAQ Advocates for Better Working Conditions Through EB Negotiations

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NPAQ's Commitment to Taking Action for Nurses

Enterprise Bargaining (EB) negotiations are more than just a process of amending an agreement – they are a way to advocate for better working conditions, higher wages, and improvements to persisting problems in the workplace.

The story begins with two members of the NPAQ who had reported difficulties in their work areas, which were causing stress. Recognising  potential opportunity in the upcoming EB negotiations, they reached out to their NPAQ for assistance in getting their employer to take action.

One of our experienced case managers worked closely with them to understand their needs and promptly presented a log of claims to the employer. We knew that we had to act quickly to ensure that our members' well-being was a top priority.

Many of the claims were considered “operational” by the employer so there was a commitment and undertaking by the Principal and his team to have an external consultant come in to fix up claims that were causing grievance. 

The Enterprise Agreement was voted in with a broad majority, and even better the members immediately had an external consultancy firm provide strategy and workplace improvements. 

We remained on standby should there not be meaningful improvements, however it seems that the earlier commitments during EBA paid off and the operational claims were addressed. 

Our members were happy at the outcome of the negotiations, feeling heard and supported throughout the process.

Why is the NPAQ different? We believe that real change in healthcare STARTS with empowering frontline nurses, not bureaucrats. 

If you are a member of NPAQ and need assistance with EB negotiations please submit an EB Representation Form on your dashboard, or contact us on on 1300 263 374 - hotline@npaq.com.au

To find out more about NPAQ and become protected today visit: https://npaq.redunion.com.au/join

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