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Nurses Get Dudded on EB11 & Power Workers Get $150M from Coal Royalties – Fair Go!

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The Palaszczuk Government has announced that $150 million of the increased royalties from Queensland Mines will be spent on workers at publicly owned power stations.

What about the nurses and healthcare workers that you burned out and abused during COVID Premier Palaszczuk? Queensland Health’s fat cats misspent the COVID funds you gave them and they only gave nurses a 4% pay rise when inflation is now at 6.9%. And you won’t even sign off the agreement before Christmas to increase our shift rates.

Next question: If the government owns the power stations and the coal in some cases, how come our energy prices are going up when the Palaszczuk government could easily cap prices and still make a profit? These are taxpayer owned generators, our guess is the Government is broke and is ripping us off to balance the budget.

If Queensland’s bureaucrats and politicians won’t play fair, then more nurses will leave than you can ever hope to replace. Queensland’s health system is at breaking point and the over-paid bureaucrats do not have the answers. NPAQ does:

Queenslanders deserve quality and safe healthcare. Queensland Health deserves competent, capable, nurse-led hospital management, supported by locally elected independent Boards. Boards that are informed by health professionals and free to focus on local health needs and solutions, enabled by a budget to deliver the healthcare Queenslanders need where they live.

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