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Your public holiday pay rates: Easter and Anzac Day

Ensure that you know your penalty rates if working public holidays during April. 

Queensland Health 

Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday are ‘special’ public holidays, if you normally work these days, but are not rostered on, you should receive a day’s ordinary wages.

If you've taken annual leave which falls over the public holidays, the public holiday is not counted as an annual leave day. 

All overtime worked on public holidays should be paid at double time and a half, whether it’s a ‘special’ public holiday or not. 

If you work on a public holiday as part of ordinary rostered hours you should be paid the penalty rates shown below, with a minimum payment for four hours’ work.


Easter pay rates NPAQ (1)

Private and aged care sectors

Most private sector and aged care agreements provide for double time if you work Easter Saturday or Easter Sunday, but please check your agreement for details. 

  • The Nurses Award 2020 provides 200%
  • The Aged Care Award 2010 (Personal Care Workers) provides 250%

Don’t forget to check your payslips to ensure you’ve been paid correctly and if you have any questions contact member support via the member dashboard or email hotline@npaq.com.au 

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