We Need Pandemic

Leave for Nurses


The Queensland Government applies pandemic leave to the Department of Premier and Cabinet but does not allow frontline nurses the same.

The Queensland State Government earlier this year introduced Special Pandemic Leave for Government Workers in the wake of COVID-19. They received much praise for doing so. What they subsequently did with ZERO media scrutiny, was to exclude almost all frontline staff that this would likely apply to but kept it in place for the department of Premier and Cabinet who are well out of harm's way in their ivory tower.


Implementation Guideline - Directive 01/20

See full list on page 7


One major issue facing Victoria during their serious outbreak is the amount of nurses and health professionals contracting the virus at work.


The reason nurses are contracting the virus at work is the complete lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The NPAQ has been calling on the State Government to prepare by stocking up on PPE and implementing safer workplace practices. So far, it has fell on dangerously deaf ears. 

Nurses are being placed squarely in the firing line during this pandemic. If anyone is deserving of Special Pandemic Leave, surely it is our nurses.


Minister Grace, change your implementation guideline to include our frontline nurses.


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