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NPAQ Case Win #1377 - $14,000 Maternity Leave Win: How NPAQ Holds Bureaucracy to Account

Hospital Refuses Nurse’s Maternity Leave on a Technicality. NPAq Gets it back.

Nurses put a lot of...

NPAQ Case Win #1372 - Breaking the Cycle of Workplace Abuse

How NPAQ Helped Our Nurse Member Regain Control

Picture this - you wake up every morning, dreading...

NPAQ Case Win #1368 - Empowering Frontline Nurses: How NPAQ Advocates for Better Working Conditions Through EB Negotiations

NPAQ's Commitment to Taking Action for Nurses

Enterprise Bargaining (EB) negotiations are more than...

NPAQ Case Win #1361 - From Stress to Success: How NPAQ Transformed a Member's Work Environment

Standing Up Against Harassment and Bullying, Another Success Story from NPAq

Working to support a...

Your public holiday pay rates: Easter and Anzac Day

Ensure that you know your penalty rates if working public holidays during April. 

NPAQ Case Win #1356 - NPAQ Beats Bullies… again!

From a Parking Fine to the Removal of a Bullying Manager:How NPAQ Empowered an Entire Team to Speak...

NPAQ Case Win #1349 - Contract Chaos $18,000 WIN

Holding Employers Accountable:
How NPAQ Empowers Nurse Members to Fight for Their Contractual Rights

NPAQ Case Win #1342 - NPAQ Nurse Beats Bullies - WorkCover & Transfer Success

Many workplaces, particularly in healthcare, have a toxic culture. When the system is run by...

NPAQ Case Win #1338 - $12,000 Allegations Retracted. Settlement Paid.

Being vindicated from the suspicion of any wrongdoing is a great feeling. Having a settlement paid...

NPAQ Case Win #1331 - $6,000 Redundancy Pay Secured

Nurses and other frontline healthcare workers are the backbone of the healthcare system, without...